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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sample of Questions Linky Tools

The Questions Linky Tools is where you invite your readers to leave a list of questions for you to answer.

Sample of Prayer Request Linky Tool

This is a sample Linky Tools Prayer Request list. You can enter your prayer request below:

Sample of a Top X MckLinky List

This is a sample of a Top X List where you ask for entries for a Top 10, or Top 3, or Top 7 (1-10) list, and then you choose and rank the winners.

Top Five List of Free Family Activities

List your activity and I'll choose the Top 5 (I've already chosen five to show you what the list will look like, but I'll edit the top 5 depending on the entries):

Here's what the list will look like after you choose your top entries:

MckLinky Answer List Sample

This is the MckLinky Answer List... ask your readers a question, and invite them to leave an answer and their link on your blog.


The FTC just ruled that Bloggers must disclose any payment or benefit they receive for any type of "review" or "recommendation" they give on their blog. Do you think blog owners should be forced to disclose their relationship with a product owner if they offer an opinion or review?

Enter your answer below in the Answer List MckLinky...

Sample of Idea List MckLinky

This is a sample of an Idea List MckLinky.

Enter your ideas about how to have a better blog:

Winners and ranks done:

Picture Caption Test

Please help me test the NEW MckLinky Picture Caption linky. If it works correctly here, I'll have it ready for public use in a couple of days.

Help me with a picture caption. I'll choose a winner and the winner(s) will be listed and and given a link to your blog. Use the MckLinky below to leave your caption suggestion.